Which website is the most performant?

What is the problem?

Nowadays your web site can't be just average. It has to be great.

Mobile friendly

Your visitors used to be forgiving enough to browse your desktop-only web site with their phones. This time is over. Now, if the text is too small or the clickable elements too close from each other, expect nothing but a rejection... and a lead for one of your competitors.

Faster, faster, FASTER!

Patience died a few years ago. Your site has to load fast. A few additional tenths of a second can increase your bounce rate significantly.

Search engine ranking

Google leaves no doubt that web site optimization does impacts the rancking. SEO efforts are vain if your web site is not performant.

Beat the competition

How optimized your web site should be? Perfection can't be achieved. But you can start with a simple statement: your web site should beat the competition.

Compare yourself with your competition

Leverage the power of this tool to compare your site with your competitor's and stay ahead of them. Submit the URLs, we take care of the rest.

Quick and easy

You instantly know how you and your competitors are doing.


Actionnable feedback

What your competitors did and you didn't? We let you know so you can fix.

Stay ahead

We constanly monitor your competition's activity. As soon as we notice something new, we send you an alert.

Keep track of the optimizations

Who did what and when? We keep the history of your and your competitor's optimizations.

Reliable scoring and feedback

One Page Ahead relies on Google PageSpeed Insights, which is an open window on Google's secret algorithm.


Learn your strenghts

Discover your key strenghts and take advantage of them.

Act now!

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Compare your site with 2 competitors

Competition is monitored once per week

Optimization changes history is saved for 3 months


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Compare your site with 5 competitors

Competition is monitored every day

Optimization changes history is saved for 12 months


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